Connecting GraphQL Debugger to Prisma

GraphQL Debugger generates Open Telemetry compatible spans, and so does Prisma Tracing, therefore it is possible to connect the two together.

Note Prisma Traces will be marked as forigen spans, as they are not part of the GraphQL request.

Prisma Tracing

To enable Prisma Tracing you first need to change the prisma.schema file to include the tracing preview feature:

generator client {
  provider = "prisma-client-js"
  previewFeatures = ["tracing"] // <-- add this line

Then you can pass in the PrismaInstrumentation to the traceSchema method:

import { traceSchema } from "@graphql-debugger/trace-schema";
import { PrismaInstrumentation } from "@prisma/instrumentation";
const tracedSchema = traceSchema({
  instrumentations: [new PrismaInstrumentation()],

Doing so will allow you to see each Prisma request that happens inside your resolvers.